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3 Women

  • Johanson Charles Gallery 1345 Division Street Detroit, MI, 48207 United States (map)

Mosaic Production and The Johanson Charles Gallery are pleased to present 3 WOMEN, an exhibition of works by Sharon Bida, Karen Kibler and Regina Wyatt. While each of these artists has a unique style, for this show, they have all found inspiration in themes of abandonment, alienation and isolation as basis for their work.

In Sharon's large welded sculptures, she reveals what society feels is rusted and old junk as wonderful to look at.  In her sculptures she favors the simple expression of the complex thought.  She fuses found objects, scrap metal and cast/machined metal parts into open and linear designs.  Encompassed in these designs is the feeling of the past and present worlds working together.  Sharon's work has been exhibited in invitational and competitive art shows throughout Michigan.  Her sculptures have been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the United States and Mexico and in private collections in Mexico, Spain, Canada and Germany.  This year Sharon was chosen to exhibit her sculptures at the Dubuque Museum of Fine Arts in Dubuque, Iowa.

When Karen was younger, she thought she knew her purpose, but now that she is over forty, she claims to be lost, always striving to be a better person and falling short.  That is why she creates.  Karen sees a wonder of composition in everything around her.  Everyday she sees works of art; in buildings, bugs, rocks, leaves or a woman waiting at a bus stop.  She will never stop this journey because she will never understand her purpose.  Karen’s current series of vessels was going to be titled Every Woman is a Vessel.  Having reflected on this, she realized every person is a vessel from birth to death…“Carrying with them a jar and/or jars of things, be it baggage or treasure.  How many will there be?”  She doesn’t know exactly.  “This could be my baggage of treasure for the journey.”  As her Dad always quoted, “Who knows but the Shadow…?” (Insert maniacal laugh).

Regina Wyatt paints because she has to, it is her therapy and it helps her make sense of the world as she sees it.  She stopped trying to categorize what she does in artistic terms a long time ago because she doesn't like being pigeon-holed.  Regina paints what's in her head, what she has been through, what she sees, what she imagines, and where she would rather be. Pain, pleasure, anger and amusement, she tends to think about these too much.  Regina’s art allows her an outlet for her musings.  It is purely personal, “I don’t profess to speak for anyone or anything except for my self, and it is just the inner workings of my mind.”

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