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  • johanson Charles Gallery 1345 Division Street Detroit, MI 48207 United States (map)

John K. Bunkley is presenting a solo exhibition of his latest body of artwork, with an opening reception on November 6, 2009 from 6 - 10 pm.  His exhibition, entitled, "Multitudes," comprises over 20 large-scale mixed media works and installations to be presented by Mosaic Productions at the Johanson Charles Gallery, 1345 Division St, Detroit, MI.  "Multitudes" reflects what Mr. Bunkley perceives as the beauty and strength held by individuals that can only be fully realized as a powerful conduit for change when joined together as a collective.  

Though social unification through the collective is certainly a theme, it comes second to the individuality and beauty of the people who fight against disparate opportunity, most of whom are reminiscent of people in Mr. Bunkley’s life growing up on the West Side of Detroit.  Hence, "Multitudes" is essentially a series of portraits.

Mr. Bunkley's work can be grouped into three modes of aesthetic interpretation of the power and beauty of the Multitudes.  First, there is a series of large-scale portraits on 10-foot high black canvas - the details of the faces are made up of seemingly thousands of strands of monofilament; the portraits are soft and somewhat eerie.  They confront the viewer.  Second, what seems like a giant cloud with giant black raindrops, is actually tangled monofilament around dozens of black fist sculptures.  Third, and perhaps most striking, is the series of portraits - larger than life - on 4 and 8-foot tall stained wood.  These portraits feature men with fists in onyx-like blown black glass. There are women, soft and sensual, but strong, with enormous afros - but I shouldn't give any more away. 

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