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  • Johanson Charles Gallery 1345 Division Street Detroit, MI 48207 United States (map)

This October Mosaic Productions is proud to present the third annual Threads show, “The Hazards of Fashion”.  Billy Hunter and Jeanne Moore of Mosaic Productions are hosting a contest for the fashion and not so fashion side of Detroit.  The show Threads, to be previewed at Johanson Charles Gallery, will be a clashing and melding between fashion and art, a combining of the two in unique and creative ways.  Threads is an exhibition of art for the body and this year’s contest emphasizes the idea that fashion can be a hazardous endeavour.  This means artists have full reign to create a piece that shocks and amazes.  This show brings together artists and designers to challenge the notion of “What is art?” And “What is fashion?” and to articulate through wearable art “Why fashion is dangerous?”

There will be three main themes: 1) Detroit - Reflect our city; 2) Environment - Nature and ones surroundings; 3) Future - What’s ahead for all of us.  Within these themes artist will create Accessories (bags, footwear, hats, etc.), Outerwear (Shirts, jackets, pants, etc.) and Underwear.  These pieces will reflect the idea that the world of fashion can be treacherous environment.

Earlier Event: April 21
Later Event: April 6