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  • Johanson Charles Gallery 1345 Division Street Detroit, MI 48207 United States (map)

Mosaic Productions and The Johanson Charles Gallery are pleased to present Phenomena, an exhibition of artists Adrian Hatfield, Jayson Lowery and Helen Bevan, who draw inspiration from science and the natural world as the basis for their work.

Adrian Hatfield worked and exhibited in Ohio before moving to Detroit nearly 2 years ago where he became involved in the Detroit scene as the newest painting faculty member at Wayne State University and as a contributor to the Gallery Project in Ann Arbor.  Hatfield’s work includes monumental and evocative constructions of resin and oil paint weighing up to 800 lbs.  He is interested in commonalities he sees between sublime landscape painting and scientific texts and diagrams as attempts to describe the vast and sweeping concepts of the universe and the interconnectedness of nature. He is interested in the endeavor of each to describe what is ultimately indescribable, finding the resulting abbreviations telling of humankind’s abilities and limitations of perception and communication.

Lowery hails from Arizona and has been working and exhibiting in the Midwest region for the last 5 years.  His sculpture is fabricated of materials such as stone, steel, cast iron, and bronze; and ranges from monumental to intimate scale.  Lowery draws inspiration from the industrial detritus of SE MI and authors such as Jerrod Diamond.  He sees his work as a means of contemplating aspects of entropy, social sciences, space/time, and gravity.  Lowery wonders how future archeologists may interpret structures and artifacts of our time.  What unforeseen characteristics will the interpretation of these artifacts reveal about us?  His work is introspective, intimate, and spiritual without eliciting any recognizable contemporary culture or religion.  

Originally from the NW, Bevan’s work investigates the role of the environment as a shaping force of the individual.  Recent work includes rabbit/human hybrids that come from the artist’s feelings of displacement and adaptation to an urban landscape.  New and previously unseen work include loosely painted images of jellyfish floating in mysterious and murky environments emphasizing the diverse solutions nature devises in adaptations to different environments.  This is Bevan’s final exhibition before she returns to the Pacific Northwest.

Earlier Event: September 16
Later Event: October 6